Fumaria capreolata L.

White Fumitory

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Diffuse to weakly climbing, usually pale green, rarely glaucous herb with few branches and long internodes, to c. 1 m high. Largest ultimate segments of leaves often more than 5 mm long and 2 mm wide. Raceme shorter than or subequal to peduncle. Bracts 1/2 as long to as long as pedicel. Pedicel usually strongly recurved in late flower and fruit. Sepals peltately attached, ovate, 4���6 mm long, 2.5���4 mm wide, about as wide as corolla, obscurely to distinctly dentate. Corolla 10���14 mm long, white or flushed pinkish, with upper and inner petals blackish red at apex. Fruit 2���2.5 mm long and wide, rounded at base, obscurely keeled, obtuse to truncate at apex, smooth, or slightly tuberculate toward keel, with small, rounded apical pits. source: ABRS Flora of Australia Online

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