Typha orientalis C.Presl

Broad-leaved Cumbungi

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Flowering stems usually to 3 m tall. Leaves usually bluish or grey-green; sheath of uppermost 2���4 leaves usually distinctly auriculate; lamina to 2 m long, 5���15 mm wide. Male and female inflorescences contiguous or to 3.5 cm apart, rarely to 5 cm. Male inflorescences usually 10���30 cm long, 0.7���1.4 cm diam.; pollen shed as single grains. Female inflorescences 8���30 cm long, 1���3 cm diam., chestnut-brown; floral bracts absent or few, narrowly spathulate, usually 3 or 4 cells across. Stigma lanceolate or narrowly obovate, often folded longitudinally. source: ABRS Flora of Australia Online

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